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At Interventions Canada, we pride ourselves on our education, experience, professional certifications, and wide range of specializations including complex cases stemming from additional mental health and trauma related considerations. At Interventions Canada, we pride ourselves on our education, experience, professional certifications, and wide range of specializations including complex cases stemming from additional mental health and trauma related considerations.

We are leaders of this industry, proven by our unmatched 92% success rate.

Our in-house skills training and all-inclusive services are all led by highly qualified, motivated, and dedicated professionals in order to best support all side of this industry. Our services for individuals and their families are comprehensive, and encompass all the stages of recovery, interventions, treatment & aftercare. Are you ready to drastically alter the trajectory of your loved one’s & your family’s life for the better? This is what we do every day. You’re in good hands!

Interventions Services?

An intervention is an unconditionally loving, non-judgmental, factual meeting directed by a Certified Intervention Professional in which relatives and friends perform a great act of love!

An intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby loving family members and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and mental health, led by a trained addiction and/or mental health professional and/or Certified Intervention Professional.

Case Management and Coaching Services?

Case management helps to manage an unamalgamable situation taking over the role from parents or individuals struggling with addiction, family matters, mental health conditions, by creating structure and accountability. Coaching services provides
education for individuals affected by addictions and/or mental health challenges and their families. Case Management will help minimize the emotional pressures families and/or individuals experience while building healthy relationships through
the recovery process.

Assessment + Treatment Placements

Interventions Canada can set up an individual or family consultation, we are here to help!

Families usually reach out to Interventions Canada to ask for expert advice, seek consultation and understand our treatment placement services because they are concerned about their loved one’s addictions and/or mental health challenges. Families are often at a loss when it comes to understanding how to help, or continue to support, their loved one.

At Interventions Canada, we strongly believe that by meeting families using our detailed assessment process, helps families determine what is in their best interest, understand options for their best next steps, develop a sense of empowerment, increases hope in the possibility of solutions to help their loved one(s) suffering from their addition, and it sets the foundation for building trust between us and our clients, ultimately fostering successful and collaborative treatment planning.

Sober Transport

Interventions Canada provides transport companionship to clients suffering with addictions and/or mental health challenges. Our transport companionship services accompany clients to and from treatment and to their identified destination holding them accountable to these important parts of their recovery process.

Transportation Companionship Services – May include:

  •  24/7 treatment transportation companionship services
  •  Coordination of travel arrangements, to meet the client’s needs.
  •  Transporting individuals into residential treatment
  •  Transporting individuals into detox programs
  •  Drug and alcohol screening and support services
  •  Transport/escort clients after Intervention services
  •  Nursing transport support services available as needed.
  •  Transporting individuals from detox and/or residential treatment into their next step of support, whether that be back home or into sober living

Aftercare Treatment

Patricia M. Pike, CEO of Interventions Canada, has helped thousands of individuals accept treatment at various treatment modalities domestically and internationally.

Interventions Canada providing aftercare treatment services for individuals with addictions and/or mental health challenges. Aftercare treatment services can be an integral part of achieving long term recovery. Both shorter- and longer-term aftercare support is available as it suits the needs of the particulars of each case. Or aftercare support at Interventions Canada includes ongoing education to ensure relevant and updated information for the loved ones who aim to support the recovery of their identified person.

Recovery Coaching + Monitoring

At Interventions Canada, our trained recovery coaches specialize in addictions and/or mental health challenges. Our comprehensive and personalized treatment plans include 24/7 support from our expert recovery coaches.

Our recovery coaches help individuals through one-on-one support. We support individuals in varying stages, including the early stages of recovery as well as individualized in-home support.

Interventions Canada teaches individuals and families to build healthy relationships, practice recovery skills, gain life skills and better equip themselves to address personal challenges and most of all to remain free from drug and alcohol use.

Our recovery coaching and monitoring offerings are available as stand-alone services or as part of a more comprehensive support package as determined by the needs of the case and all those involved.

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