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Patricia Pike, CEO of  Interventions Canada

Mission Statement: Patricia M. Pike, Founder and CEO of  Interventions Canada mission is to enrich, inspire and educate the health care professionals, to raise the bar for the quality of treatment for those struggling with addiction and complex mental health challenges.

 101 Intervention Training

Interventions Canada Training 101 Introductory Training (Virtual): Intervention training course 101 is an orientation training program focusing on the most popular intervention disciplines utilized today.

This course introduces principles, philosophies and common practices behind the most popular intervention and case management procedures. It also provides students with resources, networks and serves as a sufficient indicator for a professional looking to shift industries or add value to their existing professions. This program benefits those working in the addiction, mental health, medical, legal and first responder fields. Should students find themselves compelled to pursue Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) designation, the steps on how do so will be clearly outlined.

Highly Effective 3-day 21 CEUs Intervention & Case Management Training Course!

 102 Intervention Supervision Training

102 intervention supervision training is an eight -week structured intervention supervision course, three hours per week, focusing on Certified Intervention Professional Certification from the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

It includes Business Development and Intervention Professional Certifications with specific teachings on how to complete CIP application, practical intervention skills, CEUs requirements to complete eligibility and hands on experience from seasonal interventionist.

Highly Effective Intervention Supervision Training Course!

Certified Intervention Professionals

Certified Intervention Professionals guide families, friends, and anyone in the general public through an intervention process that is designed to culminate in the substance user being encouraged to accept the professional help that is being offered.

Addiction is a matter of life or death, which makes being trained and specializing in this field a vital element of providing help.

At Interventions Canada, Ms. Pike provides supervision to intern interventionist to support their continued certified intervention professional application through the  Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB). She has witnessed many intervention participants that attended Intervention training courses develop a private practices business achieving great success internationally.

Who is an Interventionist?

A Certified Intervention Professional is an highly trained specialist who has specialized training & skills in the area of addictions and/or mental health diagnoses, facilitated by a Certified Intervention Professional educating and guiding family and friends on how to communicate with their loved ones struggling with addictions and/or mental health challenges, with the goal of the individual accepting professional treatment. The Interventionist will guide the entire intervention process, advocating for the family, friends, and the individual struggling with addictions and/or mental health challenges.

An intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby loving family members and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and mental health, led by a trained addiction and/or mental health professional and/or Certified Intervention Professional.

According to National Abuse on Drug Abuse as many as 6-10 persons are suffering with either addictions and/or mental health diagnoses.

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