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What is an Intervention?

An intervention is an unconditionally loving, non-judgmental confrontation directed by a professional interventionist in which friends and relatives perform a great act of love! An addiction intervention is a lifesaving effort, whereby loving family member and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and mental health. A professional intervention is led by a trained certified interventionist providing a solution for the entire family, and an opportunity of recovery from addiction for the patient.

What is the goal of intervention?

The goal is to hire a professional interventionist, to help break down the cycle of denial, using a love first approach, by providing a recovery solution. Interventions are not only for the untreated person with alcoholism, drug addictions and or/ complex mental health. An intervention is for the entire family, to create a new story based on recovery from addiction.

Addiction is a treatable disease. Research in the science of addiction and the treatment of substance use disorders has led to the development of evidence-based treatments that help people stop abusing drugs or alcohol and learn skills to have a healthy productive life. At Interventions Canada we pride ourselves in Family and Client-Centered Intervention Approaches, meeting our clients and family’s needs.

What is the objective of an intervention?

The objective is to educate, facilitate change within the structure of the family environment to promote recovery. If the IP (Identified Patient), does not agree to accept treatment, the family has gained recovery resources from the intervention process, to continue with their own recovery process.

• to educate the family system and promote recovery, it is a great act of love
• build on coping skills and creates personal recovery resources within the family system
• education on addiction and mental health, directed by a trained interventionist
• engagement from family, friends or associates with professional help

What is an Invitation Intervention approach? Interventions Canada facilitates an Invitation intervention approach using a surprising model structure with a family-focused intervention, inviting the entire family to the intervention process. The invitational approach is designed to be a non-confrontational and non-judgmental form of intervention. The goal is the entire family to become motivated to seek treatment for themselves and the goal of the interventionist is to teach and educate the family on healthy traits and empowerment of healing and recovery. The two-day workshop is conducted with topics that include; addiction or co-dependency, unhealthy/healthy attachments, family historic history, recovery resources, and treatment options. The interventionist will maintain contact with the family for up to a year, following up either in person or via telephone. At Intervention Canada, this process can be modified to meet each family’s needs.

• Focusing on the whole family
• Addressing the entire family
• Family system changing.

What is a Surprise Approach intervention? Surprised intervention approach is focusing on care, bringing families and loved ones together with the help from an interventionist. For some of these people, denial is to blame for this addiction complacency. They may believe deep down inside, that they’re not really addicted at all and that everyone around them is simply exaggerating the scope of the problem.
Talking to someone who is deep in denial can be frustrating, and many families find that simple discussions about the addiction are futile, as the person simply will not admit that anything is amiss. It’s as though a wall stands between the person and the truth, and they might come to feel as though a big shock is needed to break that wall down.

  • Focusing on alcoholism, and drug addictions focusing on care for the untreated person
  • Bringing family and a professional together breaks down the cycle of denial for the untreated person
  • 80% of persons that are in denial does not look for treatment resources
  • 85% of persons will enter treatment on the day of the surprise intervention approach
  • 15% will enter treatment 2-weeks after interventions with bottom lines from family members

What is Recovery Coaching Recovery Coaching can help individuals providing a one on one support service, help clients with short and long term goals towards recovery . Using aftercare recovery approach have demonstrated the effectiveness of combining a community -based recovery coaching with a continuum of addiction & mental health treatment services, to be a highly successful combination for long term recovery.

Studies have showed that 90 days of treatment for patients and families has better long-term outcomes for treating the whole family. Facilitation of education, family consultation, patient monitoring, and case management with selected treatment center helps to break down the patterns of addictive behaviors within the family system.

The data have indicated that the first 90 days of post-treatment are the most important aspects to become educated about addiction and/or mental health and gain recovery resources. The transition of leaving inpatient, outpatient treatment can be overwhelming and challenging to practice skills and tools learned in treatment, to take it and practice in daily life. At Interventions Canada, we provide 24/7 support with comprehensive and personalize support services.

• Understanding triggers to use substances
• Developing healthy boundaries
• Positive reinforcement strategies – rewarding non-using behavior
• Problem-solving – healthy communication
• Self-care and recovery resources

What is Family Coaching & Case Management Services? Family Case Management provides support for family members and/or to the individual who has a substance abuse disorder or mental health diagnoses.

The goal of family case management and client-centered recovery support services approach is to develop a continuum of care that helps the whole family system remain accountable and that no one person in the family system needs to be alone during nor after the process of accepting professional help.

This helps families to deal with not only their loved one’s addictive behaviors, complex trauma or mental health diagnosis also, but it also creates family awareness and accountability of their own behaviors and destructive patterns. It also starts the process of making the changes within the family system, before their loved one’s leaves primary treatment.

Family Case Management will help with your day to day experience, learning practical skills to support your loved one’s addictions and/or mental health

  • Intervention and prevention tips for families
  • Professional development and recovery resources
  • Self Care, nutrition, exercise, family activities
  • Building and maintaining family motivation

 Professional Affiliations:

At Interventions Canada, we has highest level requirements and experiences in the area certified interventionist and certified addiction professionals  through IC&RCCCAPP,CACCF, AIS and PCB/CIP. Our staff are equipped professionally to meet families and untreated persons with alcoholism, drug addictions and/or complex mental health diagnoses, to find the best treatment plans and services.