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About Interventions Canada

Interventions Canada was founded by the creators of CanAm Interventions. This company was launched to address the dire need for its services in the vastly underserved Canadian market.

The number of individual’s suffering from addiction and mental health issues has risen dramatically over the last decade, with the recent pandemic only making substance abuse and mental health issues more dire.

Interventions Canada provides services targeting individuals and families in geographic locations throughout Canada struggling with addiction, mental health diagnoses, and mental health challenges. We provide professional support services by striving to unite individuals and their families by delivering professional services.

At Interventions Canada, we specialize in working with complex addiction and/or mental health cases. Our professional team are available to address the needs of our clients and guide families through many crises. We are available to take your call, emails and can be reached 7/ days a week by contacting our office.

We know that seeking help is confusing and difficult due to the stigma and shame attached to chemical dependency. Intervention Canada’s founder Patricia Pike has created Addiction interventionist services in order to bring families a solution to support loved ones in gaining freedom from active addiction through the process of recovery for the addicted person and for their loved ones. It is her mission to provide across borders a higher standard of care to those suffering from substance abuse, addition and mental health that also offer support to their loved ones in conjunction with the interventions and coaching services offered here.

Many families have made numerous, unsuccessful attempts to help their suffering loved ones. They may have tried various approaches to control or “fix”, the addicted or struggling individual or they may have sought help to relieve their suffering from resources such as friends, clergy, doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

Despite these efforts, families often find little consolation and the addict, alcoholic, or mentally ill individual continues to struggle. Frustration, fear and anger build, disrupting the family unit until they reach the “jumping off point”, and seek addiction-related professional help.

Ms. Pike was initially motivated to find a better solution for those in need by a combination of her decades of field experience and massive amounts of requests from concerned parents and friends unsure as to how to help their loved ones battle their relative addictions and/or mental health challenges.

Patti fervently advocates for individuals with untreated addictions and /or mental health challenges and a higher level of support for families that are emotionally affected by their loved one’s addictions. Her belief in a better quality of care is so significant that she has, through both CanAm Interventions and Interventions Canada, launched a training program (see Intervention Training) in order to facilitate a higher standard of care in the better education of those working within this industry.

Interventions Canada and its American counterpart, CanAm Interventions has helped hundreds of individuals and families, we are here to help you as the work we do will never be finished until all those who need help, find it.

The Elephant in the Room!

The Power of Addiction & Hope Through Recovery

Take a moment to reflect on your story and how you, as the concerned party, are being affected by your loved ones addictions and/or mental health challenges.

Imagine if you will, that there is a large elephant in the room. The elephant being the actions of your loved one that have harmed you in their addiction. Think now of how you and your family are reacting to the “elephant in the room”. Do you find yourself fearful to walk, talk, or that you will do something to wake this domineering, destructive elephant?

Do you find that on some days, you tip toe around this elephant? Afraid to even look or act, unsure as to what will trigger a negative response? Are you terrified that one day, the actions of the elephant, your loved one in their addiction, will end in their complete loss of hope and ultimately, their loss of life due to the powerful, hopeless nature of their disease?  

I want you to take note how you feel around your loved ones and how you are been held hostage by your loved ones addictions.

It is vital for you as a family member to understand that their addiction, and consequent behavior is based on self centeredness, denial, justification and their jaded rationalization of any and all harmful actions. Addiction is a disease aptly described as “one too many is never enough”.

If you continue, as their loved one, to tip toe, to walk on eggshells, remember that no matter what you do, or don’t do or say, eventually the elephant in the room will awaken.

If any of this rings true, know that it is time for professional help. It’s time to find a way to feel hope again.

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We provide a 30-minute free consultation by gathering information on clients assessing the current situation and providing professional direction to discuss all options that are open to you and your loved ones.

At, Interventions Canada we can customize treatment plans to meet our client needs.  We’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families, we are here to help you.

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Professional Affiliations:

At Interventions Canada, we take pride in having the highest standard of education and on-site experiences for all of our professionals who help us support the families who need it most. Our corporate affiliations included CCAPP,CACCF, AIS and PCB/CIP. All of our staff are fully equipped to support families and their identified love one(s) who are struggling with alcoholism, addiction and/or additional complex mental health disorders.