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Welcome to Interventions Canada, we are dedicated professionals committed to providing professional services for individuals and their families facing substance abuse disorders from alcohol and/or drugs or other addictions, trauma related challenges or mental health conditions. 

Is your loved one battling substance abuse, chronic pain, mental health diagnosis, emotional struggles, sexual or intimacy addiction or a process disorder?

Our experienced team at Interventions Canada excels in tailoring intervention treatment plans to meet the needs of our clients. We will stand by your side every step of the way. 

Patricia Pike CEO and founder of Interventions Canada, specializes working with complex cases related to substance abuse disorders, mental health conditions, trauma induced sex and intimacy disorder, behavioral health concerns and supporting families emotionally wounded by these challenges.


Certified Intervention Professional, Addiction Specialist &Educator



Interventions: Performing a great act of love with a heart-to-heart approach.

Family Coaching: Engaging guidance and direction by accessing professional help.

Aftercare + Monitoring : Providing recovery accountability for longer outcomes.

Assessment + Treatment Planning: Meeting client’s needs with research and referrals

Intervention Trainings: Inspire, educate, and raise the bar for the health care community.

Mental Health Crisis Management: Assist with navigating referrals, resources, and consultation.

Why Choose Interventions Canada?

Everyone has a story to tell, my purpose is to be a voice for the voiceless.”

At, Interventions Canada, we are a team of trusted professionals providing comprehensive support to individuals and families seeking to initiate change, moving them towards seeking treatment, recovery, and healing.


Education Background

Patricia have seen the number of individual’s suffering from addiction and mental health issues risen dramatically over the last decade, with the recent fentanyl and Covid pandemic, it has only made substance abuse disorder for alcohol and drugs and mental health conditions more of an emergency.

At Interventions Canada, we take pride having the highest standard of education, experience very seriously by providing evidence-based practices in all our services. Ms. Pike has trained many professionals throughout Canada and the United States providing education trainings for interventions credentials and certifications. Patricia goal is to provide education to others so they can help others in their communities.





Healthcare partnerships

Everyone has a story to tell, we are here to Help!

We specialize in working with complex addiction and/or mental health cases.

Treatment Plans matching clients using Evidence-Based Practices

We provide clients with the necessary tools to overcome their challenges, to get back to living, meaningful lives.

Full Intervention Services

Addiction is a disease of isolation and disconnection from others. Without treatment individuals and families cannot and will not recover.

Family/Client Case Management

No two individuals are alike, at Interventions Canda, we understand this and tailor our interventions, case management and other professional services to meet the needs of each individual and family.

Testimonials from Families!

Your active participation and dedication will be crucial to your success. 

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