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Patricia Pike, CEO of Interventions Canada is a Nationally Certified Intervention Professional & Addiction Specialist  with over 25 years of experience in Addictions, Mental Health and Behavioral Treatment industry.

Vision :Interventions Canada will facilitate Trauma-informed  Interventions to support persons with complex trauma and addictions or traditional Interventions to help families that are struggling with a loved ones addiction, to start the process of recovery.

Purpose: Interventions Canada is available to assist and can customize treatment plans to support individuals and their families, linking professionals, and meeting the needs of our clients. Our advisers and therapeutic staff draw from a wide range of professionals and referral resources throughout Canada and the United States.

Mission: Interventions Canada provides professional resources that enrich and inspire the communities we serve. We will be with you every step of the way, to help you reclaim your life and connect you with one of our interventionist.

Canada Intervention Training: Highly Effective Intervention Training Addictions is a global crisis and it has never been more important to have highly effective and ethical approaches for interventions from certified and credentialed interventionists. Patricia M. Pike (LAADC, CAADC II, ICADC & CIP .), a prominent internationally certified, and highly successful, interventionist is offering a unique approach to training for interventionists or those in the treatment, recovery, health care, or associated fields.

Patricia is the founder and principle at CanAm Interventions, Interventions Canada and Canada Intervention training and has an established and successfully proven practice in the U.S. and Canada. She has helped literally hundreds of addicts and those suffering from associated disorders as well as emotional and mental health issues. Patricia has an extraordinary success rate for helping those in need getting into treatment and recovery, as well as helping and facilitating the healing process for the identified addict’s families, friends, associates, and employers, and resolving the myriad complications and difficulties associated with addiction.

Interventions Canada

Professionals Make A  Difference In Our Community

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