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Intervention, Family Systemic?

Intervention Type: Family Systemic Model (Invited)

The family system model is an invitational style of approaching the identified person, initially developed Ed Speare and Wayne Raiter. Throughout all the stages of this type of intervention, the family is heavily involved. This unconfrontational and non-judgmental process stems from the assumption that a family unit, is in essence its own ego system, with each participant having their own role in the current unhealthy ecosystem.

The family’s responsibilities lies in their ability to acknowledge their own unhealthy behavioral patterns or responses to the identified persons actions in addition, an (unintended) enabling of the identified persons addiction cycle and/or their own co-dependency on the existing dynamic. Most commonly, it is a combination of all the above, stemming from a lack of understanding or education on the variants and nuances of addiction, and/or substance misuse.

Whichever model is suggested by Interventions Canada’s qualified interventionists, educating the family as well as supporting them throughout the process is considered a crucial element to the success of the intervention, for all parties involved.