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Highly Effective 3-day 21 CEUs Intervention & Case Management Training Course!

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Highly Effective 3-day 21 CEUs Intervention & Case Management Training Course!

This training is beneficial to those working in the addiction, mental health, medical, legal and first responder fields. “Interventions 101” gives a broad overview of what is to be expected, introduces resources, and how best to assist in the intervention process.

CanAm Interventions course work introduces terms and concepts, and then lays out the steps necessary to achieve national certification, for those aspiring to do interventions or supportive team members.

Patricia Pike of Can Am Interventions and Interventions Canada is an approved education provider through Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB) Certified (CIP) in the U.S. and Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF) Education Provider and CCAPP. Ms. Pike have two decades working both in the United States and Canada in treatment of Addiction and Mental Health.

Interventions Canada 101 is an orientation training that focuses on the principles, philosophies, and basics behind the most popular intervention disciplines utilized today.

Three day (( Virtual)) Interventions & Case Management Training



December 11th,12th,13th 2020. Cost: $399.00 ( Sign up Today) Registration Form

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Malibu, California, 2021

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2021

Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2021

Houston Texas , 2021

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Highly Effective 3-day 21 CEU’s Intervention & Case Management Training.