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Scott Comrie

Vancouver, B.C, Canada

Recovery Coach/ Recovery Transport
Mr. Comrie grew up in British Columbia, Canada, spending his younger years, heavily involved in Sports, Martial Arts, he continues to be actively involved in fitness, which is part of how, he connects with his clients. Scott’s started his professional career working in the recovery community at inpatient programs in Vancouver, BC and since 2010 to present.

He is passionate, helping individuals and their families wounded by addictions to reclaim their lives from addiction through the process of recovery, supporting persons from all walks of life.

Scott excels in working individually with clients as a sober and life coach also transport persons into various treatment programs all over Canada and the United States with supervision from Patricia Pike, CEO of CanAm Interventions. Mr. Comrie, focuses on nutrition, exercise, and healthy living, in his own experience these go hand in hand to have a happy and positive life. Scott has attended CanAm Interventions training, he is currently in the process of supervision and continuous education in the addiction and mental health field with a goal, to move forward, to become a certified intervention specialist.

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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