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Patricia M. Pike, CEO of Interventions Canada

Patricia M. Pike, CEO of Interventions Canada

Certified Intervention Professional and Addiction Specialist

My name is Patricia M. Pike (Patti), CEO of Interventions Canada and CanAm Interventions. I am a Certified Intervention Professional, Addiction Specialist, a certified educator (see interventionist training for details) and a devoted advocate for increasing the standard of quality care for all families and persons who are struggling with substance misuse, addiction and mental health disorders.

My purpose to raise the standard of care in these industries has stemmed from two significant factors. Firstly, my 25 years of on-site experience in the fields of behavioral health, with a specialization in alcoholism, addiction and substance abuse. My work these past decades have includes hundreds of successful interventions across the globe. The second factor is more personal in nature. That is, my own 30 years in recovery. I have found purpose in helping others in a compassionate and devoted way, using my personal experiences for a greater purpose, that of helping others and their families find hope again.

I hold a master’s certification in addiction studies, am a Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC-II), long standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counselor Association Federation, internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor through the IC&RC (I.C.A.D.C), Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), through the Pennsylvania Certification Board and also have an Adult Instructor Diploma (AID). I am a sitting board member of the Association of Intervention Specialist (AIS). I also offer 3-day intervention training courses, nationally and internationally, to enrich, inspire and educate professionals within this field.

Addiction is an international crisis, one that is getting rapidly more prevalent across the globe. As such, it has never been more important to have both highly effective and ethical approaches for interventions from a certified and credentialed interventionist. My level of devotion to increasing the standard of case across the industry and its many specializations also led to the development of my own education program for professionals. Helping professionals become the best practitioners they can be, in order to help facilitate the likelihood of higher intervention successes on an international scale.

The quality of support I give and ensure through both Interventions Canada and CanAm Interventions is my passion, my purpose and my reason for being. Ms. Pike’s unique experiences include working with complex addictions and mental health challenges, working with first nation populations, business leaders/executives, music/entertainment professionals, and employers/businesses. Patricia believes strongly in fairness and equality with an internal energy and passion to help individuals and their families, believing anyone can achieve recovery from alcohol and/or drugs, find purpose with self-dignity and recover.

Patricia’s professional knowledge and approaches includes:

  • The Johnson Model of Intervention (uninvited Approach)
  • Family Systemic Model Intervention (Invitational Approach)
  • Family and client-centered approach
  • Family systems approach
  • Solution-focused brief therapy
  • Narrative therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Disease model of addiction
  • Attachment theory
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Model of change
  • Harm reduction

LAADC: Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor 
CADC-II: Member of the California Certification Board of Alcohol & Drug Counselors
I.C.A.D.C: International Certified Alcohol & Drug Certification (Canada)
CIP: Certified Intervention Professional (CIP)
AIS: Association of Intervention Specialists
AID: Adult Instructor Diploma Simon Fraser University
CACCF: Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (Education Provider)
PCB/CIP: Pennsylvania Certification Board (Education Provider)
CCAPP: California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (Education Provider)

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North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V3S1H1

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