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Patricia Goldman

Patricia Goldman

Intern Interventionist and Recovery Specialist

Patricia Goldman is a highly skilled Interventionist and Recovery Specialist with over a decade of experience working in and with treatment centers across Eastern Canada & US. This experience allows Patricia to bring a great deal of insight into connecting clients with the most well-suited resources and facilities based on each person’s circumstances and individual needs.

Patricia is knowledgeable about crisis services and is aware of the heightened emotions that accompany the impact of addiction on family and friends. She understands the devastating effects that this can have on relationships and enjoys having the opportunity to be a resource for family and friends during this difficult process.

Patricia’s career and advocacy background started when she was working with Youth Protection Services as Client Advocate for youth & their families as well as youth group homes.  She supported & represented both families & youth through all stages of legal proceedings & requirements as well as addressing psycho-social challenges & required changes.

Her continued compassion, dedication and related work experience over the past decade has brought her to a place where her services include: working closely with Drug and Alcohol Treatment Teams, Lawyers, Courts, and Employers.

Patricia has also played a significant role in co-founding and co-chairing Montreal Recovery Day, supported by FAVOR Canada (Faces and Voices of Recovery) to continue to shine a light on the challenges associated with addiction and the stigma that is so strongly attached to it. Patricia’s contributions to this event have helped create much-needed awareness at the provincial and national level about some of these issues. Montreal Recovery Day continues to champion awareness of long term recovery and accessible treatment options through education and public information.

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