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Sober Companionship

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Transportation Companionship- Sober Transport

Interventions Canada provides transport companionship to clients suffering with addictions and/or mental health challenges. Our transport companionship services accompany clients to and from treatment and to their identified destination holding them accountable to these important parts of their recovery process.

Transportation Companionship Services – May include:

  • 24/7 treatment transportation companionship services
  • Coordination of travel arrangements, to meet the client’s needs.
  • Transporting individuals into residential treatment
  • Transporting individuals into detox programs
  • Drug and alcohol screening and support services
  • Transport/escort clients after Intervention services
  • Nursing transport support services available as needed
  • Transporting individuals from detox and/or residential treatment into their next step of support, whether that be back home or into sober living

We provide a 30-minute free consultation by gathering information on clients assessing the current situation and providing professional direction to discuss all options that are open to you and your loved ones.

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