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Recovery Companionship

“We’ll stay with you the whole way”

Interventions Canada offers recovery companionship gender-specific to help individuals needing extra one on one support either in the early stages of getting help for their addictions or mental health issues or after completing inpatient or outpatient treatment.

Our services provide 24/7 companionship support services with comprehensive and personalized treatment plans.

Interventions Canada is a big advocate of building healthy attachments relationships, gaining life skills, to better equip to meet personal challenges and most of all to remain free from drugs and alcohol.

Studies have indicated that the first 90 days of post-treatment are the most important. The data is clear that relapse rates are high and can happen within the first three months after treatment. Up to 60% of those suffering substance abuse disorders that have been in treatment do relapse.

With relapse rates as high as 75% after treatment, it has been shown that with chemical dependency persons with community and outpatient support services achieve an 80 to 90 % abstinence success rate in the first year. Examples of this type of support include sober companionship and family coaching services in combination with professional support and other community support groups such as 12-step meetings or alternative support groups attendance.

Sober Coaching Service includes:

  • Sober Coaching: At Interventions Canada, we have trained sober coaches specializing in addiction and /or mental health diagnoses. Our specialists are available 24/7 for individual support. The clients that we deal with are mostly leaving treatment programs eager to get on with their lives. It is very important to understand addiction leaves many clients with triggers requiring short and long terms of supervision to be successful. We are available for check-in weekly via text messaging, phone support and partnering with many resources in the community for additional professional support.
  • In-Home Services: Many of our clients need to have in-home services and require a sober coach to live in the home to start the process of their recovery from addictions. We assist with daily living activities and support mental health clients.
  • 12-Step Support: 12-step support groups are a large part of many of our client’s recovery process. We also support other types of groups such as; refuge recovery or SMART recovery meetings. Our goal at

Interventions Canada is to meet our clients exactly where they are at in their recovery process.