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Our Vision

No matter what, I will lead with my heart ! Patricia Pike

Interventions Canada

Patricia Pike CEO of Interventions Canada is passionate to help others and strongly believes when people speak from the heart is how to connect with others and break the cycle of addictions.

Interventions Canada’s vision is to break the cycle of addiction and complex mental health for adults, adolescents, and families through the process of professional interventions, case management, and aftercare recovery resources by providing recovery resources.
Across Canada and across addictions, we will provide a caring yet effective family-centered intervention approach for both the client and their families with a goal to start the recovery process.

The objective of an intervention is to educate clients and families to help navigate changes within the structure of families by starting the process of healing. An intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby a loving family member and concerned friends or employers are educated on the nature of addictions and mental health, led by a certified intervention professional and providing an opportunity for recovery.
Professional Interventions interrupts “the cycle of addictions” and provides an opportunity for recovery options. Reference from: Times. Network Times.