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More About Interventions Canada

Who are We

Founded by Patricia Pike, Interventions Canada is a team of certified professionals who follow the code of professional ethics and confidentiality, adhere to the Privacy Act in Canada. We take what we do extremely seriously and delivering results is our number one priority.

Interventions Canada facilitates Alcohol & Drug Interventions, Family Interventions, Professional Interventions, Mental Health Interventions, Family Case Management, Sober Companionship, Treatment Placements and Assessment & Referral Services.

With her life mission being to help others, Patricia facilitates Intervention and Case Management a three day orientation trainings, across Canada and the United States. Adhering to this highest of standards, Patricia currently supervises some of the most prominent Interventionists throughout Canada.  She is a Association Intervention Specialist (AIS) board member and one of the preeminent voices in the industry.

Intervention Approaches

Ms. Pike is trained both in the Surprise Interventions Model (Johnson Model of Interventions) and the Invitation Intervention Model (Family Systemic Model Invitation Interventions). Her experience includes ARISE Training, BreakFree Intervention Skills training, Gateway Interventions training, and the Storti Intervention Training. These classes go through the Invitation Model, Surprise and Invitation, Motivational Interviewing Solution for Active Disease & other Disorders as well as other specialty approaches and techniques.

How We Want To Help

At Interventions Canada, we fully believe that families need someone to simply be there for them to direct the process of healing. It is important for families to feel cared for and supported. We’ll take you through the process of Recovery by providing the resources your entire family needs. Rediscover yourself.