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 Who We Are ?

Patricia Pike, CEO of Interventions Canada and CanAm Interventions been in the addiction and mental health field for over 25 years with a private practice for 11 years. Ms. Pike was born in Canada, where she lived, worked until she got married and moved to San Francisco, California 12 years ago, she has private practices in both Vancouver, BC, Canada and in California.

Patricia’s professional career began in Vancouver, BC, Canada working in various professional roles in therapeutic programs, supporting individuals struggling with alcohol & drug addictions and/or mental health challenges.

Ms. Pike’s was motivated by the numerous of telephone calls from concerned parents and friends worried about their loved ones’ addictions and/or mental health challenges. Ms. Pike had many thoughts of how she could advocate for individuals suffering from addictions and /or mental health challenges and advocate for families that are emotionally affected by their loved one’s addictions.

With over 25 years of professional experience working both in the United States and Canada. Patricia’s wealth of professional knowledge and her intuitive ability to connect with people from all walks of life, assess individuals and their families quickly, and develop treatment plans inspired her to create Interventions Canada to treat the entire family’s needs.

It was important for Ms. Pike to have a professional team that had the same common purpose as she has to meet the challenges of addiction and/or mental health diagnoses. Interventions Canada team are available to support individuals and their families every step of the way.

Interventions Canada individualize and customize and assess every case to meet the needs of our clients. We’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families and we are here to help you.

Our professional team are available to address the needs of our clients.

 How We Want to Help ?

At Interventions Canada , our belief is that families need to admit the need for professional help which may happen before their loved ones accept professional help. Having professionals available to guide and support families step by step gives your families and/or individuals confidence to follow through on the intervention process.

Interventions Canada Services


Recovery Case Management

Treatment Aftercare

Consultation & Treatment Placement

Recovery Coaching & Monitoring

Transportation Companionship

Home Detox with Medical Support

Virtual Family Groups

Professional Intervention Trainings

Interventions Trainings

Patricia Pike CEO of both Interventions Canada and CanAm Interventions developed an intervention training manual over five years ago on the models of intervening for interventions and case management skills. Patricia is excited and inspired to provide an educational three-day orientation intervention and case management training for professionals working in the addiction and/or mental health treatment industry.

Ms. Pike is trained both in the Surprise Interventions Model Johnson Model of Interventions and the Invitation Intervention Model Family Systemic Model Invitation Interventions. Patricia supervises and mentors various professionals internationally towards becoming certified intervention professionals through the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB).She has witnessed many intervention participants that have attended CanAm Intervention training develop their own private practices businesses and achieved great success internationally.

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