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 The number of individual’s suffering from addiction and mental health issues has risen dramatically over the last decade. Seeking help is confusing and difficult due to the stigma and shame attached to chemical dependency. Patricia Pike has created Addiction interventionist services to bring families a solution to support loved ones in gaining freedom from active addiction through the process of recovery for the addicted person and for their loved ones.

Many families have made numerous, unsuccessful attempts to help their suffering loved ones. They may have tried various approaches to control or “fix”, the addicted or struggling individual or they may have sought help to relieve their suffering from resources such as friends, clergy, doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

Despite these efforts, families often find little consolation and the addict, alcoholic, or mentally ill individual continues to struggle. Frustration, fear and anger build, disrupting the family unit until they reach the “jumping off point”, and seek addiction-related professional help.

Ms. Pike’s was motivated by the numerous of telephone calls from concerned parents and friends concerned for their loved ones’ addictions and/or mental health challenges. Ms. Pike advocates for individuals with untreated addictions and /or mental health challenges and support for families that are emotionally affected by their loved one’s addictions.

Interventions Canada customize every case to meet the needs of our their clients. Our professional team are available to address the needs of our clients. We’ve helped hundreds of individuals and families, we are here to help you.

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At Interventions Canada , our belief is that families need to admit the need for professional help which may happen before their loved ones accept professional help. Having professionals available to guide and support families step by step gives your families and/or individuals confidence to follow through on the intervention process.

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