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Our Curriculum

Designed to produce intervention-ready professionals, our 6 Module course was carefully crafted to teach everything that is required in this industry.

Module 1– Introduction of Intervention Approaches: This module introduces intervention approaches that provide a clear understanding of the history, various approaches, and practices of interventions work.

Module 2 – Practical Skills & Techniques for Interventions, Case Management, and Recovery Services. This module introduces practical skills for intervention styles and approaches & Case Management skills, defining a clear action plan for the process and preparation of pre-and post-intervention work.

Module 3 Understanding Healthy & Unhealthy Family Systems and The Cycle of Addictive Behavior in Family Systems. This module introduces the patterns and traits of addiction & mental health within families & relationships, the importance of education and treatment for families and recovery resources.

Module 4 -Understanding the Disease Model and Complex Trauma & Mental Health Diagnoses.
This module is designed to give participants information on drugs and alcoholism, complex mental health diagnoses and treatments for intervention cases.

Module 5 – Ethics and Confidentiality Laws for Interventions: HIPPA/and The Privacy Act, working with treatment programs including Case Management and Recovery Services. This module addresses the importance of ethics and confidentiality and obtaining a professional organization to practice professional guidelines for interventions work.

Module 6 – Professional Development & Private Practices: This module will help participants to gain a clear understanding of the professional and business side of becoming a professional and certified interventionist.

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