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Intervention Supervision 102

Interventions 102 Supervision Course

Intervention 102 eight-week supervision training is to provide a professional framework for those wanting to become interventionist. To start their own business, obtain further education and certifications as well guidance to start the practical steps of working on intervention cases. (May 18th, 2021)


Intervention Training 102

 Intervention 102 will be an eight-week structured intervention supervision course focusing on Certified Intervention Professional Certification from the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

Intervention 102, attendee’s will be guided on Business Development and Intervention Professional Certifications, including direction on how to complete CIP application, practical intervention skills, CEUs requirements and hands on experience from seasonal interventionist.

Intervention 102, group will be no more than (15) attendees in attendance for (8) sessions with a goal of facilitating Intervention work, Treatment Transport and/or guidance on Family Case Management.

Intervention 102, eight-week is based on gaining information from Patti Pike & Ed Storti on conducting themselves as professionals.

Intervention 102, eight-week supervision course, to obtain practical skills to continue with Certified Intervention Professional application (CIP) through the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB).

Intervention 102 is gain practical skills on how to facilitate interventions, education on family systems, crisis interventions, and an overview on intervention theories.

Learning Objectives:

  • Intern Interventionist will develop awareness of the key role of marketing, to create a professional business.
  • Intern Interventionist will become familiar, preparing for interventions & case management cases.
  • Intern Interventionist will learn the Pros and Cons of entering private practice.
  • Intern Interventionist will be provided concrete tools for pricing of services, establishing their professional value for services and the importance of being fair to your clients, to meet your professional skill set.
  • Intern Interventionist will gain a clear understanding to further their education, to obtain intervention certifications example: preparing for CIP assignments, education, supervision hours and understanding the PCB application process.
  • Intern Interventions will learn the practical steps of working with clients and their family and to gain an understanding of professional limits.
  • Participants will have access to documentation to prepare and start an intervention professional business example: contracts, intervention packages, and other material.
  • Participants will have guidance on new intervention cases from the intervention facilitators.


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