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Intervention Services

We're Ready To Help. Intervention is a great act of unconditional love !

What is an Intervention? An intervention is an gift to a loved ones who is suffering with untreated addiction. It's an non-judgmental, non confrontational and unconditional loving approached, directed by a certified intervention professional, in which friends and relatives perform a great act of love!

An intervention is a lifesaving mission whereby loving family member and concerned friends or employers are educated about addictions and mental health, led by a trained addiction and/or mental health professional and certified intervention professional.

  • directed by a certified intervention professional
  • assessment of referrals, using evidence-based treatments
  • preparation intervention meeting
  • letter writing assignments
  • intervention team includes family and friends
  • certified intervention professional will education the intervention team
  • topics include cycle of addiction and mental health-related information

92% success rate on our Intervention cases.