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“There is always a path forward” – Patricia Pike

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Family Consulting usually originates from a telephone call from a family member concerned about their loved one’s addictions to drugs and/or alcohol, mental health or trauma and /or self-destructive behaviors. Working in the addiction and mental health field for over 26 years, it is very clear, families are in a lot of pain and held emotionally hostage by their loved one’s pain.

Family Consultation can be an informal or formal professional approach to help families figure the next best steps and to feel hopeful, they are putting action into finding solutions by involving a professional without feeling the pressured to fully commit to a full intervention process.

If a family is committed to moving forward with a full intervention, CanAm Interventions can help facilitate a family intervention. If your family is unsure of what to do or what steps to take, it is best to schedule a family consultation meeting to gain insight from other family members and hear recommendations from an expert that specializes in dealing with untreated patients.

At CanAm Interventions, we strongly believe meeting families using a formal or informal assessment process such as; meeting in your family home, or in an office setting, video conference calls, or group telephone conference calls, for 2-3 hours.

Many times, I receive calls from families in a state of hopelessness, helpless and a great need to do something different to start the process of taking action to help their untreated loved one. Families need to have open conversations with each other, to gain insight facilitated by a professional. Having professional help is the first step of opening the door of fear and inviting other members into having open conversations on their thoughts of the current situation, in spite of complexities within families. CanAm Interventions can set up an individual or family consultation, we are here to help.