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Patricia M. Pike, founder and CEO of Interventions Canada and CanAm Interventions, has a mission to enrich, inspire and educate the health care professionals in the treatment community as well as to raise the bar for the quality treatment for those struggling with addiction and complex mental health challenges.

We provide relevant training for the past years to individuals seeking knowledge specific to interventions. Our curriculum focuses on more than just developing an intervention approach.  The curriculum focuses and includes more information on family systems, the importance of aftercare, ethics, motivational interviewing, crisis intervention strategies, process addictions, mental health issues and diversity issues.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to learn and grow with industry leaders in the field of trauma-informed healing and become a certified interventionist.

Sign up: Upcoming Intervention, 101 Training Course – April – 2022

Sign up: Intervention 102, Supervision Training – February 8th to March 29th, 2022

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CanAm Interventions Training 101 Introductory Training (Virtual & Live)

Highly Effective 3-day 21 CEUs Intervention 101 & Case Management Training Course!

Intervention Training 101 is an introductory training program that focuses on the most commonly used intervention disciplines today.

The principles, ideologies, and common practices underlying the most widely used intervention and case management techniques are covered in this course. It also provides students with the resources and networks, and it can be used as a sufficient guideline for professionals wishing to change industries or add value to their current jobs.

Those in the addiction, mental health, medical, legal, and first-responder areas will benefit from this training. Students will be given explicit instructions on how to obtain the Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) designation if they feel compelled to do so.


102 Intervention Supervision Training

CanAm Interventions Training’s 102: intervention supervision training is an eight-week, three-hour-per-week organized highly effective intervention supervision course centered on Certified Intervention Professional Certification from the Pennsylvania Certification Board.

It covers Business Development and Intervention Professional Certifications, as well as particular instruction on how to complete the CIP application, practical intervention skills, CEU requirements, and hands-on experience from seasonal interventionists.


Certified Intervention Professionals?

Certified Intervention Professionals help family, friends, and members of the general public through an intervention procedure aimed at encouraging the substance user to accept the professional aid being offered.

It’s a big deal to choose a profession as a Certified Intervention Professional since you’ll be helping to save lives. You might be in recovery yourself and wish to help others become sober, or you might have a loved one who has struggled with addiction. In either case, as a Certified Interventionist, you are helping others by being on the front lines.

Addiction is a matter of life or death, which makes being trained and specializing in this field a vital element of providing help.

Our model of Certified Intervention Professional Training is very unique. We designed the training to offer the smoothest, quickest intervention from when you arrive, so that means all the handwork is done before you get to the site.

Ms. Pike supervises intern interventionists at CanAm Interventions in order to support their continuous certification as a certified intervention professional through the Pennsylvania Certification Board (PCB). She has seen numerous intervention participants who attended the intervention training course go on to start their own private practice and achieve international success.


Why Choose the CanAm Interventions Training?

  • Fully online program
  • Education professionals for over 25 years
  • PCB and CACCF Board approved
  • Professional business development
  • Professional mentorship
  • CEUs education hours you need to get certified
  • Instructors are experienced practitioners
  • SAMHSA predicts job growth of 20% by next year
  • Have a better life by helping others recover from addiction
  • Meets IC&RC requirements
  • Complete your education requirements quickly
  • Interaction with seasoned instructors
  • Convenient – study when you have time
  • Certification leads to more money
  • We know substance abuse treatment inside and out


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