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In Home Detox

In Home Detox

Interventions Canada offer a safe and effective detox program with 24-hour nursing in home detox care working with other clinicians throughout Canada. Our goal of home detox is to create an independent detox treatment program for clients in the safety of their own home and/or to assist with medical detox, medical companionship and travel services to various treatment programs all over the country, to meet the needs of our clients.

Joe Kavosick works closely with Patricia Pike, CEO of Interventions Canada. Mr. Kavosick has been a registered nurse for 16 years, specializing in trauma/emergency services and critical care transport. Over the course of his career, Joe has cared for multiple patients suffering from substance abuse and understands the toll addiction takes on families. Joe prides himself on his strong clinical background, critical thinking and decision-making skills, combined with a level of caring, integrity, empathy and compassion that creates a therapeutic environment for patients and family members.


1) Perform initial patient assessments and work with physicians to plan, implement, and evaluate plans of care for patients

2) Measure and record patients vital signs and monitor trends

3) Administration of taper medications and evaluation of withdrawal symptoms or any adverse reactions

4) Constantly assess patient for signs and symptoms of physiologic and psychosocial changes in patients condition

5) Work with patient and treatment team on client goals and assist in the development of strategies to maintain recovery

6) Referral to follow-up care with outpatient and rehabilitation facilities

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