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If an intervention doesn’t work, was it a waste of time and money?


It is never a waste of time and money accepting that your whole family needs this help, even without full cooperation from all of family members. That is the reason why it is important to hire a professional that specializes in addictions in the family.

Interventions have been proven to be a great resource in interrupting a person’s addiction and stopping the cycle of addictive behaviors within a family system. It is best to lay this groundwork sooner than later in order to lay the foundation for the next generation. If your family has been historically exposed or predisposed to drugs or alcohol addictions, it is best to hire an interventionist that can not only help your suffering loved one get treatment for their addiction, but also help the family to do things differently.

When families commit to an interventions and have an expectation that the person will get treated on the day of the intervention meeting, accept treatment and start on the process of recovery and healing by entering into rehab. Which is always the goal of an interventionist however in saying that, not all intervention meeting end that the identified patient enters into rehab on the day of the intervention. There is an 85% rate of success that the IP will accept treatment on the day of the interventions. The other 15% percent will accept treatment only if the family follows through on their part. Sometimes, it takes time for IP to accept help and respond to treatment for addictions.


If you have a loved one that is suffering and you are at the point where you cannot do this anymore, and if your family is tired of playing the day to day game of supporting the person’s addiction, you need help from a professional. If you are afraid, and you have the elephant in the room (called addiction) and you are tired of walking around it, it is imperative that you do something differently. At the end of the day, addiction does not go away. It can be treated, and so can families.


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