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There are many stressors and challenges that are faced by young adults between the ages of 18 and 28, while moving into adulthood. Leaving home for the first time, being away from families, transitioning into colleges, starting new jobs, dating, forming new relationships and making new acquaintances from all walks of life can bring up many issues for young adults and their families.


The experience of building new relationships can be very exciting, yet emotionally overwhelming and confusing. This is typically the beginning of freedom from rules, regulations, and parent directed structure in the home. There may also be curiosity and temptation to experiment with alcohol and/or drugs which can be a way for young adults to fit in, belong to a group, and feel a part of a community.


If you have a young adult in your life that is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, it is very important for you to understand the nature of addiction. You can do this by accessing support services to help you deal with your addicted loved one



There have been many studies on substance abuse/dependencies and addictions which have proven that some people are genetically predisposed to addiction. People are much more vulnerable to become addicted to drugs or alcohol if there is a family history of substance abuse. In contrast, some people have no such family history, and have never been exposed to drugs or alcohol until they begin to experiment with substances. In many of these cases, experimentation can lead to dependency and addiction from the very first time of use.


It can be troubling for a parent to watch a young adult suffering from addiction pain -- needing that next drug or alcohol to get well, emotionally and physically. To be a part of that process, it is mentally traumatizing and emotionally unbearable at times coming to terms with the fact that your young adult has a substance abuse problem.


It is important to understand that at the end of the day, parents cannot treat their young adults’ dependencies to substance abuse or their addictive behaviors alone; this may be the right time for you to seek help for your family from a certified interventionist. If you are reading this information and asking yourself if things are bad enough for you to need professional help from an interventionist, the answer is yes. Most people who get this far in researching and inquiring about drug or alcohol abuse have someone that does, indeed, need help. If you do not make the call to seek assistance, your loved one’s addiction will progress over time. The important thing to remember is that families can stop drug and alcohol addiction with the help of professionals.


Interventions Canada Can Help:


  • Interventions Canada is very focused on helping parents understand addiction to drugs and alcohol for their young adult.
  • It takes professional support services to create awareness by educating family members to understand the symptoms of addicted personality and the roles and patterns in their relationships with their loved ones addictions.
  • When your young adult has crossed the line, joining the side of addictions, becoming loss in the world of addicted behaviors and pushing away all help, family support and others, Intervention Canada is here to help.
  • Accessing a professional interventionist to help direct your family is a way out of letting go, and joining the winning side to accept that crisis interventions, school interventions, counseling interventions can be the solution to helping your whole family.

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