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  • Research defines sex addiction as a compulsive act that involves being obsessed with the sexual thoughts and various forms of obsessive and compulsive behaviors.
  • Interventions Canada can provide callers with valuable information by performing online assessments as well as direction on how to access a professional interventionist for sex addiction.
  • Most people that have sexual addictions have abnormal intensive sex drives that can get in the way of daily activities.
  • Interventions Canada can start the process of helping families recognize the importance of getting help by using a professional interventionist that specializes in sex addiction interventions.
  • By building healthy relationships, starting with treatment for sexual addictions and healing for families and partners, interventions for sexual addiction open up the door to treatment and recovery.
  • Treatment for sex addiction has helped thousands of people to stop the cycle of hiding, acting out, and feeling the shame that can be attached to such addiction.
  • Many treatment programs specialize in sex addiction both in Canada and in the United States. Using a professional that specializes in interventions for sex addiction and providing the best treatment referrals is the best approach.
  • At Interventions Canada, our values and professional beliefs are based on confidentiality for all of our callers.
  • Families and friends can be assured that having professional support is the best approach to helping address those who struggling with sex addiction.
  • If you know someone today that is struggling with sex addiction, we at Interventions Canada are here to help.

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