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Patricia has over 24 years of experience working in the Addictions, Mental Health, and Social Services fields. She is an Addiction Specialist and Interventionist that has conducted hundreds of Interventions with a 92% success rate both in Canada and the United States. She is a member of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and has a Certification in Addiction Studies as well as an accredited Masters Licensed (LAADC) in Addiction Studies, recognized in both the United States and Canada. Ms. Pike draws her skills from her 24 years of professional background, education, and studies in the field of addiction and mental health and also 25 years of personal recovery.


Her education background includes; Licensed Advanced Alcohol Drug Counselor (LAADAC), Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CAADC II), long standing member of the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation, Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counsellor through the ICRC (I.C.A.D.C) and Board-Certified Intervention Professional (CIP/PCB) through the Pennsylvania Certification Board. Patricia holds citizenship both in the United States and Canada, which gives her the ability to work in both countries and has a clear understanding of treating addiction and facilitating interventions across borders as well as making treatment referrals in both countries.




+ EDUCATIONCAADC II - Member of the California Certification Board of Alcohol & Drug CounsellorsICADC - International Addiction CertificationPCB / CIP - Pennsylvania Certification Board - Certified Intervention ProfessionalAIS -Association of Intervention SpecialistsNII - Network of Independent InterventionistsAID - Adult Instructor Diploma (AID) - BC, CanadaNAADAC - Education Provider - National Association for Alcoholism and Drug CounsellorsCACCF - Education Provider - Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation23 Years working in the Addiction, Behavioral & Mental Healthcare System + PROFFESSIONAL BACKGROUNDMs. Pike draws from her skills and education background in the field of addiction and mental health and professional work experience, as well as her own personal experience of recovery for over 24 years. Patricia holds citizenship in both the U.S. and Canada, which gives her the diverse perspective of working in both countries.Patricia believes in many treatment approaches and modalities such as: the Solution-Focused Therapy Model, Model of Change, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, the Disease Model, Attachment Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Surprise & Family Systemic Intervention Approaches, with the goal directed towards treating the whole family. Her credentials are well-rounded, enabling her to provide excellence in service delivery based on best practice.Patricia believes that her calling in life comes from an inner passion that drives her need to create solutions and support individuals and families. She has a wealth of alternative professional resources both in Canada and the United States, to draw from to help her clients and their families, to get their lives back on track, and to live authentically with purpose and dignity. 

Ms. Pike is the CEO and founder of CanAm Interventions; www.canaminterventions.com, and Interventions Canada; www.interventionscanada.com facilitating traditional surprise approach addiction interventions, complex mental health interventions, and family systemic invitational interventions. Also, providing long term family case management & aftercare services to meet the needs of her client’s. She is well known professionally throughout Canada and the United States for her theories of how addiction and attachment disorder relate to the missing gaps in the world of chemical dependency treatment. “Attachment is a special emotional relationship that involves an exchange of comfort, care, and pleasure. The roots of research on attachment began with Freud's theories about love.”


Patricia’s professional background and experience includes; working with all age groups and persons from all walks of life. She has helped thousands of men, women and youth recover from addiction, alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, complex trauma disorders, gambling, sex addictions and workplace issues. She has worked at various addiction inpatient programs, community outpatient programs, and medical / mental health / addictions clinics both in downtown eastside of Vancouver, B.C. Canada and in the San Francisco Bay area of California. Patricia has developed compassion, empathy and clearly understands the progression of addiction and mental health issues on her clients and the effects of these issues on families.


Her best practice approaches include; addiction interventions, alcohol interventions, behavioral interventions, family interventions, complex mental health interventions, attachment interventions, love addiction interventions, codependency and relational interventions. The practical steps in the intervention and case management process includes; identifying and analyzing the current issues involving all family members and friends to start the process of healing by utilizing; family consultation, crisis management , assessments and referrals, and family treatment planning. Additionally; starting the process of healthy relationships and attachments, development of referrals and recovery resources for the families and untreated persons to break the cycle of denial and start the process of healing for the entire family.


Ms. Pike believes that her calling in life is to advocate for the untreated addicted person or persons with mental health issues, supporting their families with a goal of accountability and promoting healing for the entire family system.


ADULT EDUCATOR: Ms. Pike is an Intervention Educator that developed an Intervention Skills and Training Manual, as well as offering training seminars internationally to other professionals both in Canada and the U.S. Her belief in the process of interventions for families and organizations is to strengthen and educate other professionals. Her philosophy in intervention skills training incorporates the fact that the more trained professionals there are working on helping the entire family system--the more untreated addicted persons will find recovery.



PRIVATE MESSAGE: Patricia believes strongly in fairness, equality, and is passionate about helping clients and their families get back on track to live authentic lives of purpose and dignity. She has worked with many persons from all walks of life which has given her considerable experience with a wide range of people, cultures, and professions including; diverse cultures and first nation populations, music and entertainment industry professionals, business professionals, adolescents, and older adults. Ms. Pike has had great success by using unique and alternative approaches that address the individual needs each client.








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