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Jodi Takhar RTC, NTHP2, CIP (Can.)


Jodi is a family addiction and trauma specialist.  She holds certification in Neuro Trauma Healing Process and is a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.  She is a Certified Intervention Professional Candidate and a best-selling author.


Jodi is a family addiction expert with an emphasis on trauma and draws on her 20 plus years of personal and professional experience to help families move forward from the devastation of addiction and find healing as a family unit.  She understands the impact of addiction on the family from the personal experience of growing up in an addicted family, being a person in long term recovery herself and her professional experience of working with addicts and alcoholics and their families on the front lines.  Jodi has founded her own counselling practice to support families in their journey in recovery and works with treatment centres and agencies to support families and individuals in recovery.


In Jodi’s personal life, she is a devoted mom to her two incredible daughters, an active member of the recovery community and a creative force to be reckoned with.  She spends much of her time creating, whether that be writing courses, articles, books or stories, painting, sculpting or working on DIY projects.  She has a tribe of people in her life who support each other and laugh till their face hurts and she is volunteers her time for community projects that touch her heart.


Jodi believes addiction affects the whole family as a unit and the whole family needs help and support to learn and recover together.  One addict affects a minimum of 10 people and when that addict enters recovery, he or she affects the same people and everyone has to make adjustments and learn how to support each other in a positive manner.













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