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  • Interventions Canada can direct families and thier loved ones to acess treatment for internet/video gaming addiction is necessary. The first step in this process is to acknowledge that the addiction is affecting your family and that your loved one has crossed the line and is unable to stop on his or her own.
  • A Certified Addictions Professional, along with an Early Interventions screening and assements for video gaming addiction, can help assess the problem and find treatment solutions.
  • Our trainied staff will determine the best course of treatment and level of care for your love one.
  • Reaching out for help on behalf of a loved one with internet/video gaming addiction is the first step. We at Interventions Canada, we can provide support and direction, to start you and your loved one on the journey of recovery.



Warning Signs of Internet, Video Gaming Addictions:

  • Obsession, compulsion, and preoccupation with video gaming
  • The use of gaming and time spent playing, in order to live in the fantasy world of the games
  • Justifying, rationalizing and minimizing the use of video gaming with a constant need for control
  • Risk and loss of significant relationships, family engagements, school, jobs,  and careers
  • Dishonesty with friends and family;  restlessness, moodiness, depression, or irritability when trying to cut down the use of VG
  • Using internet and video gaming to escape from problems, and being afraid  of others finding out the extent of VG use
  • Falling asleep in school, aggressive behaviors, declining performance in classes, dropping out of school, isolating from friends to play video games, or getting suspended from school as a way to increase video gaming time



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