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Going to work daily and seeing your co-workers, getting to know about their lives as well as getting to know them personally and professionally, is an important part of the human experience in the workplace.


Interventions Canada help with addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is a serious issue in the workplace which can affect employees’ job performance. This often results in lack of productivity, missed days from work, and financial problems. Bringing home-life situations into the workplace tends to cause problems with co-workers’ abilities to effectively get their jobs done.


If you are concerned about your employee/co-worker or have a strong suspicion that they are using drugs or alcohol, it may cause you considerable stress in the workplace as well as take up time in your home life. It is your responsibility to take action and reach out to the Employment Assistance Program (EAP) at your workplace for help. If you do not have an EAP, it is best to talk with a professional that can help you to figure out the steps to take in order to address an employee’s drug and/or alcohol problem. It is important that you do not try to solve this on your own.


It is important that you seek professional guidance in this type of situation. Utilizing a professional interventionist can give you much insight on the best way to address the problem and make suggestions about the best person to contact for help.


Addiction is a disease with many complexities that can be emotionally overwhelming. Sorting out an employee’s behaviors and micro managing alcohol and/or drug issues in the workplace needs to be addressed by a professional. You cannot convince someone to stop drinking or using drugs without help and guidance. We at Intervention Canada are here to support you, give you guidance, and offer support services.


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