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Paraphernalia can be defined as any equipment, product or material of any kind whose primary intent is for the use, converting, concealing, producing, preparing or introducing into the body a controlled substance.  Drug paraphernalia is primarily marketed to young people and often is colorful and has catchy designs and marketing which makes drugs seem less harmful.  Most commonly paraphernalia can be bought at gas stations, convenience stores, tobacco and/or head shops, and novelty stores but young people often can make their own drug paraphernalia. There are many examples of drug paraphernalia that young people use in disguising their drug use.  As the culture of drug use changes, so does the means for producing products to conceal use.  The following is a list of the most common types of drug paraphernalia being used by young people.


  • Pipes and Bowls: Most often used to smoke marijuana as well as crack and methamphetamine.  Pot pipes are often made from glass or ceramics and have a horizontal basin at the end that the marijuana can be placed.

  • Grinders: Grinders do exactly what the name implies. Used for marijuana, these devices grind the marijuana so it burns evenly when smokes.


Grinders are often a cylindrical device with a top and bottom half that separate and have sharp teeth or pegs that are aligned in a way that when both halves are put together and turned it will shred the material inside. They can be made from acrylic, metal and aluminum and there are even electric versions available.



  • Scales: Miniature electronic scales are used by many young adults and kids when weighing drugs and other illegal substances to sell them. Hidden scales are scales that can look like an iPhone, computer mouse, or spoon.








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