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25 years of Professional Experience – 92% Success Rate facilitating hundreds of Interventions for the Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Addictions  

Patricia Pike holds a master’s accredited certification in in addiction studies LAADC, CAADC II, ICADC & CIP. She is Certified Interventionist and Addiction Specialist with over 25 years of professional experience in the field of addiction and mental health and 27 years on her own personal recovery. Ms. Pike holds high standards in adhering to professionalism also she is a board member of Association Intervention Specialist (AIS), mentoring new members that are interested in becoming certified interventionist. Ms. Pike draws her skills and expertise from her education background and professional experience working both in Canada and the United States.
Addictions is a global crisis and it has never been more important to have highly effective and ethical approaches for interventions from certified and credentialed interventionists. Patricia has conducted hundreds of family focused interventions using both surprise and family systemic approaches with 92 % success rate of persons accepting the gift of treatment on the day of the intervention.

Ms. Pike has helped literally hundreds of untreated persons suffering with alcoholism and drug addictions and/or mental. She has an extraordinary success rate for helping those in need getting into treatment and recovery, as well as helping and facilitating the healing process for the identified patient families, friends, associates, and/or employers, resolving the myriad complications and difficulties associated with addiction. It is important to educate families on the nature of addictions and how families can learn to break the cycle of being held hostage by their loved one’s addictive behaviors. Patricia believes strongly that bring loved ones together and interrupting the cycle of addiction, using love first approach, will break the cycle of denial for untreated alcoholism or drug addictions.

Interventions Canada will facilitate professional alcohol and drug interventions, family case management, sober companionship, treatment placement and assessment or referrals to best help families struggling with their loved one’s addictions.

Interventions Canada are available to professional assist, customize confidential treatment plans to support untreated alcoholism, drug addictions or mental health. Our advisers are well experienced working with many treatment programs throughout the United States and Canada.

For Families to find inner peace and stop waiting for the inevitable to happened to their loved ones, it is essential to seek professional help today. Families does not have the power to stopped Addiction, it is a powerful disease that has taken many persons lives. It is important for families to learn healthy attachments by accepting that their loved ones have an addiction/me4ntal health diagnoses. Accessing professional help can help your family to recreate a recovery story with hopeful outcomes.

When Patti was referred to me, I was nothing short of desperate to get help for my son. She entered my life and basically swooped me up off of the ground. She patiently listened and guided me through the steps that I needed to do to take back control of my life and get help for my son. She was always there for us when we needed her the most. My son has developed a super close bond with her and is grateful for all that she has done. I truly believe that she cares for her clients like they are part of her family. She is someone that I will always be in touch with, because she is also a great friend. North Vancouver, B.C. Canada 2017.

Patti has provided prompt effective case management, expert advice based on her considerable experience, coordination between complex family dynamics and rehab facilities, all of which has preserved my sanity and helped me considerably, especially on the numerous occasions my daughter was on the brink of capitulation, wanting to leave rehab. I highly recommend Patti as an excellent interventionist and case manager for all cases of addiction. West Vancouver, Canada 2017